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Hope is a teenage girl. She is emphatic, thoughtful and brave.
Her mind has been playing games with her for a few years now and she doesn’t remember who she really is underneath all of the masks that she created to make other people feel comfortable. 

In everyday reality, individuals never show themselves for what they are, but take on a mask that makes the characters and does not reveal them as people.

The main character is full of neuroses, a mental disorder that causes a sense of distress. She is not in a happy place. She needs professional help but that is not reachable so she will have to deal with it on her own. She is captured by a monster in her head that controls her now, it has too much power over her. She doesn’t know who she is without it. The main enemy in the game is ED (eating disorder). He is the monster that controls her mind. She is stuck. She doesn’t have any real friends; her parents don’t know anything about it because they are too focused on their work. She is alone. She is fighting alone against a monster that’s so much bigger than her. She cannot understand what’s happening, she can just go along with what Ed is saying to her

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